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ForestHer NC Board & Committees

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ForestHer NC welcomes the participation of anyone, at any time! There are several ways to get involved and stay connected. If you see a place to share your knowledge and experience on the ForestHer NC Team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Any new or existing ForestHer NC volunteers may be appointed to become part of, or lead, a committee. Committee chairs do not need to be members of the Executive Board.  (Term or service lengths are not predetermined.) 

Executive Board
ForestHer NC program participants and supporters may present ideas or concerns to
any Executive Board member. Executive Board meetings shall be open. Guests are allowed to bring new business to the Executive Board, upon the discretion of the Executive Board chair, but may not vote on business.

2024 Chair: Kelly Oten
2024 Treasurer: Leslie McCormick

2024 Coordinator: Lauren Gonzalez

Region Leads
Mountain Region - Aimee Tomcho
Piedmont - (Vacant)
Coastal - Karen Plaster

Tree Trunk Texture

Help develop and maintain the ForestHer NC website, list serve, YouTube, and social media accounts; advertise ForestHer NC events; and serve as media contact for all ForestHer NC events.


Contact Mackenzie Alexander

Image by Jude Infantini

Develop and implement workshops, training sessions, and field tours for women landowners and natural resource professionals.


Contact Deanna Noble

Image by Deyan Sight

Ensure ForestHer NC is creating programming spaces that welcome self-identified women and other gender minorities of all abilities, races, social classes, and other categories of experience.

Contact Renee Strnad

Image by Jocelyn Morales

Maintain the long-term financial sustainability of ForestHer NC, so we can continue doing great work and provide support for landowner education and outreach.


Contact Dakota Wagner

Image by Ricky Singh

Help to understand and document the impact ForestHer NC is having on private land conservation in North Carolina, which allows us to improve outreach effectiveness and maintain grant funding.


Contact Aimee Tomcho or Jennifer Fawcett


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Looking West from the Pinnicals, Hickory Nut Gorge
Chimney Rock State Park, Rutherford County, North Carolina. Photo Credit: Sara Jackson

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